16 March 2011

Of Traumatic Experiences

Our daughter, who once adored bath-time and got a kick out of splashing with her brother, has, for some reason, done an entire 180 on her feelings toward getting clean.  Her last couple of experiences in the tub have led to screaming, crying and begging to snuggle into a warm towel.  This evening, she didn't flinch at the idea of going to her "think spot" (a time-out she generally avoids at all costs) and, I'm fairly certain, she would have taken any number of spankings over climbing into the water.

It breaks my heart.  As much as I want to tell my little girl that she does not have to endure this one thing that so clearly terrifies her, I know not cleaning her is not a viable option - and something tells me hosing her down in the backyard would be an even worse choice.

How do I do this?  How do I convince this toddler that what she fears so much is not only safe, it's good for her? 

Am I this stubborn with God?

Something tells me yes.

Praying for us both.

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