14 March 2011

Of His Plans

"His plan is bigger than my pain."

This is the lesson God has spoken to me within the past couple of days. I am grateful to say, thus far, this has not been an object lesson. But I know someday it will be. The further I walk in this life, the closer I get to an unknown life-shattering event. These occurances are inevitable. My only choice is in what to do when I meet them.

I pray I will remember His plan is bigger than my pain.

I know too many people who have endured the unthinkable and, yet, through this door, which, in its opening, has bruised and battered their souls, have come some of the richest blessings and opportunities for a fuller, more meaningful, God-honoring life. Would they have chosen this path beforehand? Probably not. Are they grateful for how God brings beauty from ashes and provides joy in mourning? Absolutely.

Because these people have come to understand that His plans are bigger than our pain.

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