08 March 2011

Of a Night at the Movies

Little Miss has had a very slight fever off and on for the past 24 hours-ish.  Other than a warm glow and a change in eating habits, she seems to be doing remarkably well.  Thus, we decided to continue with our plans to have another family date this evening (much less expensive than the last).  Taking into consideration that the kids and I will be leaving Philip all by his lonesome for the entirety of next week as we road-trip with his sister to Nebraska (the Spring Break destination of choice for all young hipsters, of course) to visit Gram and Grandy, passing up an evening of family togetherness (which involved "Tangled" - only the single greatest work of animation released in quite some time) would have taken a lot. 

And little girl was definitely in the mood for a movie.

This was her fourth time to visit a theater; Emmett's second.  And though we did leave before the end of the movie due to Little Man's chatterbox tendencies when bored and Micaiah's antsy-ness which tends to settle in after about a half hour of sitting still, the few precious minutes of glancing over to see my son resting in the arms of his Daddy, eyes glued intently to the screen, while his sister sat next to them happily munching on popcorn and entirely enthralled in the scenes unfolding before her (even laughing at the right moments and squealing in fright when appropriate) were definitely worth the price of admission (which, fortunately, totaled $3). 

And heading for home while all parties involved were still happy?  I'd call that a win for everyone.

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  1. Yay! I definitely agree about Tangled. It's a GOOD one!