19 March 2011

Of (Not-So) Tiny Emotions

I love how children wear their hearts on their sleeves. Ours are no exception.

Emmett, of course, having no words, has little choice but to allow his emotions to do the talking. When he's tickled, the room fills with giggles. Hunger (not surprisingly) leads to tears. There is little guessing how he is feeling at any given moment.

What butters my bread, though, is hearing how Micaiah uses her budding language skills to do the same. Often, lately, I hear, muttered through pouted lips, "I'm mad!". The cute thing is, I'm sure she doesn't understand exactly what that should mean. Thus, she spouts out the phrase any time she doesn't want to eat or is dragging her feet to bed. Either way, I know she's in a bad mood. Conversely, this evening at the game night sponsored by Gram & Grandy's church, she spent a good deal of time running about the room, shouting, "Mommy! I'm having fun!". As if I couldn't tell.

Yeah, they're pretty adorable little buckets of feelings.

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