23 March 2011

Of Teething

After spending a week or so with Gram and Grandy, I was entirely ready to chalk up Emmett's new-found fussiness to the spoiling which naturally occurs when spending any amount of time with relatives with which one has infrequent opportunities to visit.  Ten days consisting of a constant parade of pat-a-cake, cuddles and tickles would certainly turn a child cranky at the sudden slow-down of attention. 

It has come to my attention, however, that there are other reasons for little mister's sour attitude.  After four months of scouting, his bottom two teeth have apparently returned a favorable report and others are beginning to emerge.  The top two, which have been swelling his gums for a couple of weeks now, are finally making their way to the surface.  And little guy is not exactly thrilled.

To top it all off, his army crawl, while doing an amazing job at enabling his mobility, has not yet blossomed to a full-fledged, hands-and-knees crawl yet.  I think his inability to get where he wants to be in a timely fashion tends to nip at his nerves as well.

Such a rough time for our little nine-month-old.

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