06 March 2011

Of Thinking

Just in case you didn't know, I like to talk.  And that mouth can get me into trouble.  Sometimes my words come out harsher than I intend.  Sometimes they come out exactly as I intended, but I regret them instantaneously (or at least after I've cooled down some).  Either way, I've been regretting my words a lot recently.  God is clearly still working on me.

The same friends who taught us our nightly ritual of sharing our day with each other also tout what they call the "T.H.I.N.K." test.  Before we open our mouths, we need to test our words.

- Is it T rue?
- Is it H elpful?
- Is it I nspiring?
- Is it N ecessary?
- Is it K ind?

This test sounds like an excellent way to honor God with my speech.  But I will be honest, my mouth tends to run ahead of my mind at times.  Thus, I often don't take the opportunity to actually hold my thoughts against the light before they are shared. 

Here is my goal for tomorrow:  I will slow the engine of my tongue and think before I speak.  Don't laugh.  I can at least try, right?

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