28 March 2011

Of Playing with My Emotions

Watching "Life as We Know It".


We haven't finished it yet, but simply watching a baby whose parents are gone as she wails, just wanting her Mommy.  Rip my mothering heart out, why don't you?  Can we just get to the comedic romance part of this, please?

Then I check my phone for the umpteenth time.  My sister is giving birth to her third child today - a joy we didn't expect for another month.


With tears still in my eyes.

It wasn't supposed to be an emotional day.

I was supposed to clean the mess naturally created by returning from a trip (check), fold some clothes (check), and play MouseTrap with my daughter while our happy son acted as cheerleader nearby (check, check). 

Contemplating what our children would endure "in the unlikely event" we both pass and praying my baby niece arrives in this world safely were not precisely on my to-do list.

Yet, there is grace in knowing all is in the hands of my Heavenly Father - the unknowns of the future and the here and nows.  All is under control - His control.

Thank you, Lord, for grace.

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