20 March 2011

Of Our Little Copycat

Emmett is learning so quickly these days.  Watching him go from laying down to sitting up all on his own any time he wants just gives me a little thrill - he's growing up!  And while usually that's sad, when he conquers another physical challenge all by his little self, it just makes a momma proud. 

A few weeks ago, after observing Emmett applauding any time he heard the sound of a crowd on television doing the same, or saw Mommy or Daddy clapping from excitement, it occurred to me, remembering his big sister doing so as well, that the simple clap is really our baby's first true interaction with the world around them.  Their first intentional response, or attempt to assimilate.  Before language and the ability to answer questions, they can see the joy in others and they want to join in, too, so their little hands go.  It's the first indication that they want to be involved.  I simply find that sweet.

And our little man, as mentioned, has been joining the crowd with his applause for a little while now.  But this evening, as I did a mock cheer after "tackling" his sister to adorn her feet in the regulatory socks before bedtime, I pumped my fist in the air and, lo and behold, Emmett, huge grin on his face, lifted his hand from his daddy's chest to do the same.  So I clapped.  And he clapped.  And I cheered with my fist again, and he did so as well.

It's such a joy to see him beginning to emulate the "big kids" rather than just doing his own thing, chewing on blocks in the corner and whatnot.  Love him.

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