11 March 2011

Of Settling In

As alluded to yesterday, milestones seem to settle in so quickly.  It was just last night our son moved from his belly to sitting up on his bottom for the very first time (that I noticed, anyway).  And yet, by today, he was sitting up happily in his crib each time he awoke.  Like he's been doing this all along.

I seem to remember the same occurring with Micaiah.  Once she learned how to get her feet under her it seemed she never stayed on the ground for long.  And even now I almost can't remember what life was like before she could move.  It's like she's been running around our house (or, on bad days, dragging her feet sluggishly toward wherever it is Mommy has asked her to be) since the day she was born. 

Oh how quickly we forget.

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