05 March 2011

Of an Unhealthy Bathing Obsession

Emmett has had three baths in two days.  Not going to lie, he generally averages about once a week.  So this recent bathing rate is most definitely an anomaly.

I think he's doing it on purpose.

I was concerned when he awoke in a pool of banana-scented vomit yesterday afternoon, but as soon as I set him in the bath (his second for the day after his typical morning washing), his face lit up and his hands and feet went to work flinging water all about.  Later, he had a blow-out in his diaper and I think he was vying for another bath - that one was a no-go - he got wiped up and sent on his way (which means he was set on a blanket to play - he doesn't really "go on his way" quite yet - though he's working hard).

This evening he went to work again.  When his first attempt of eliminating excess stomach contents on Mommy succeeded in awarding her a shower, but failed in earning his own, he tried again.  After the second endeavor, Gram went to the shower and Emmett got his very own bath.  And his feet bobbed happily up and down.  He's a splasher.

With no fever and a happy countenance both before and after his episodes, a love for the bath-tub is really the only explanation, right?

Perhaps not, but if you have any better ideas, let me know.  Because this Momma really is rather concerned for her upchucking little man.  And she's running out of Aveeno Baby Wash.


  1. It might be from all the cardboard he was munching on at the store ;)