25 March 2011

Of Mommy Panic

Including yesterday, I can count on one finger the amount of times I have called my mother in a panic about my children.  This is what happens, though, when your child, out of nowhere, begins screaming and, upon inspection, you see blood pooling on his lips. 

After checking for the source of the blood - not his lips, not the corner of his mouth, not his tongue - I finally pinpointed the location as his top gum, in the precise place in which one of his newer teeth is beginning to appear.  My only explanation for myself was, while chewing on a toy he had found next to him, he must have chomped down harder than normal and caused the new-ish tooth to break through the gum.  But can that happen?  Is this normal?

Thus, the phone call to my mother.  I figured she'd seen three kids teething, maybe she had witnessed something similar.  She had not.

Fortunately, as I spoke with her on the phone, the bleeding was no more and he was happy once again.  We chalked it up to a freak tooth incident and went on with our days. 

Babies: stopping their momma's hearts since the beginning of time.

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