07 March 2011

Of Mondays

Every Monday, my husband spends at least an hour of his evening recording a podcast (over a topic much too nerdy for me to try to explain, but as you'll die of curiosity otherwise, it mostly focuses on a strategy game involving miniature monsters - see? I told you).  This leaves me at least an hour of time spent on my own endeavors, but only in so much as I make absolutely no noise in the vicinity of his overly-sensitive microphone.

Past Monday activities have included folding laundry on my bed while watching chick-flicks via Netflix on the iPad, performing my weekly "deals" run to CVS and Walgreens or simply clicking around on my laptop, while hoping the clacking of the buttons does not read too high on the decibel meter.

Tonight, after chatting it up with the girls of his family, I'm blogging for you - don't you feel special?  But don't worry, he has the laptop in the other room, so he's out of range of the highly obnoxious level of sound this keyboard creates. 

Now isn't that fascinating?  Just another exciting Monday in Shawnee, America.

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