15 March 2011

Of Needing Our Sleep

Last night was the best night's sleep I've had in a few days - after two nights of children waking earlier than necessary and a third sharing a bed with a wigglesome infant, having a large bed to myself, ear plugs firmly in place and a little boy happily sleeping in his pack-n'-play - until 7:30! - sleep was deep.  And wonderful.

It would appear the same could be said for my lovely daughter who, minus the earplugs and the nearby nine(ish)-month-old, enjoyed her sleeping experience to a similar extent - nice big bed and all.  And it definitely showed today.

My oft-ornery two-year-old suddenly began demanding lovin' from her Momma, even laying her head upon my shoulder at dinner.  When she received a kiss on the forehead, being told, "You're sweet."  I received an air kiss in my direction with an insistent, "No, you sweet."

This is how it's supposed to be.

Who needs beauty sleep?  I say bring on the happy sleep.

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