30 March 2011

Of Seizing the Moment

While rushing along to an impromptu, God-prompted, act of service this morning, I listened, truly listened, to lyrics with which I had sung along countless times:

"I dare you to move;
I dare you to move;
Like today never happened;
Today never happened before."
- Switchfoot

Whether or not the band intended this meaning, it truly hit me.  "Today never happened before."  My translation: Today is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  I have never before seen this day and it will never come again.

What will I do with it?  What did I do with it? 

Did I love my children with my every breath?  Did I give all I have to this energy of living, of being a wife, a mother?  Did my heart beat with the rhythm of my Savior?  Did care for others impact my actions, thoughts, time?

I won't have this day back.  When tomorrow is done, it will be done.  Let's pray I don't waste it.

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