27 March 2011

Of Careful Wishing

Philip and I enjoyed our first ever weekend away - or night away, even - from the kids.  It was a big step, but we were pretty stoked to have a little us-time.  And Grandma and Grandpa were happy to have a little grandkid-time, too.  See how nicely these things work out?

Our destination was Silver Dollar City.  Thanks to season passes from Nenaw and Papaw, we have made this kind of trip on more than a couple of occasions.  Unfortunately for me, having never experienced this down-home theme park until after tying the knot, the unique circumstances behind every visit have simply not been conducive to my getting full enjoyment out of the typical offerings of an amusement park. 

Don't get me wrong, the shopping at SDC is great (and you better believe I brought home some Strawberry Rhubarb jam - yummy), but what is an amusement park without the thrills, the speed, the jerky motions of a car along a track?

In the past, large crowds, pregnancy and cold weather have all, at one time or another, contributed to my inability to ride anything beyond the benches.  This trip, heading out at the end of March, but just after most spring breaks, we were crossing our fingers for a low population of visitors and short lines.  We had to make the most of this time we could hop on roller coasters without wondering who would stay with the stroller.

Well, we got our wish.  The park was virtually empty. 

But somehow we forgot to specify that rain/mist and temperatures hovering in the 30's (at the end of March!), leading to the shutting down of most rides and shops, were not conducive to our aforementioned goal.  Thanks, anyway.

No worries, though.  Philip and I are best friends, after all.  And what's a friend if not someone you can have the most fun with even in un-fun circumstances.  We bundled up and took advantage of what we could - such as shooting each other with air guns in the kiddie play area (the one that's usually so bustling with children, but was shockingly empty) and trying to one-up each other by shooting targets in The Flooded Mine.  And by the end of the day, all but two rides (sadly, Philip's top choices) had opened up for the wind-weary masses (or, less-than-masses).

In the end, it was a pretty great day, cold, wet, and all.  And we're excited to take the kids next time - but we'll be adding more specific wishes for warm weather.

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