21 March 2011

Of a Sneaky Miss

A few days ago, while we were visiting Gram and Grandy, Micaiah and I played a little game of hide-and-seek, a favorite of hers.  It's typically not very fair for the hider because Micaiah tends to give up her counting after only two.  Ducking behind whatever furniture which happens to be nearby must be done quickly and quietly.

Apparently, though, Little Girl has realized we don't tend to give up our location as easily as she enjoys doing.  Thus, she came up with a solution, that crafty little girl.

As Gram busied herself in the kitchen preparing pizzas, Micaiah had an idea.

I sat crouched behind an easy chair, a few paces from where she stood calling out, "Mommy?  Mooooommmy!" 

That's when it hit her, a sure-fire to lure her play-mate out of hiding, "Mommy!  Dinner ready!"

Sneaky little firecracker.

1 comment:

  1. When in doubt, smoke 'em out. I know I'd give up my hiding place for homemade pizza. :)