09 March 2011

Of Crawling on Up

I've been afraid that our subsequent children (as in, not the first) will get slightly less attention than their eldest counterpart.  But then I've been afraid that I might get so obsessed with making everything even that I will simply end up stressing myself out.  Yet, somehow, in my endeavors to enjoy a life of gratitude, appreciating the small moments, little joys and secret beauties of life, I have come to appreciate the tiny nuances of Emmett to the same extent as his sister.  He is not lost on me.

This evening Philip and I spent some quality time encouraging little man in his mobile pursuits - being that Philip would like to witness the event before he spends a week away from his son.  We did the whole bit.  Video camera; tantalizing toys; forbidden pleasures (as in grocery sacks and water bills - our little guy loves anything paper); Daddy doing a demonstration; Mommy on hands and knees, coaxing her son to her; big sister in the other room, enjoying Care Bears (in CG - what's up with that?!) on Netflix; just our tentative crawler and us.

There were definitely a few moments of a knee moving forward just before a hand did the same and then the belly hit the floor.  Daddy said it counts.  I'll agree - for his sake. 

I am hoping, though, that our little Emmett Bug doesn't pick up speed too quickly - as excited as I am for the milestone, the keeping up with a jet-setting nine-month-old makes me a little nervous.  But I guess we've done this all before.


  1. But last time we didn't have a two-year-old to keep tabs on the new crawler... or be a diversion as the baby gets away, as the case may be. It'll be fun. :)

  2. Maybe Emmett and Amie will start crawling together. They can be motivators for each other. :)