03 March 2011

Of Black Eyes

My son has his first shiner.  And Mommy just about cried.

I did one of many things all parents are told to never, ever, ever (ha, ha, ha!!!) do.  I left Emmett alone sitting on the couch.  And I knew it was a bad idea, I did.  But it was just going to be for a minute (as always), while I put the pizza in the oven.  Which also turned into putting some folded clothes away and stopping to play with his sister who was making her own wooden pizza and wanted help with toppings.  I knew I needed to get back to him, but I decided a couple more minutes wouldn't hurt.

He now begs to differ.  It hurt.  A lot.

There was a thud, which I knew could only mean one thing and the ensuing cry confirmed my fear.  Of course, both parents rushed to his side and he spent the next quarter of an hour snuggling with Daddy and about ten minutes after that, while he sat next to Mommy, he was his happy, giggling self, chewing on a wooden train.

So now, when you see our son's first black eye, you'll know the truth.  We don't beat him, we're just negligent (apparently).


  1. Umm...confession. On Monday I laid him on the futon to help Micaiah in the bathroom and he rolled off there too...but when I saw him a second later he was on his belly chewing on something on the floor. Sorry I forgot to tell you and sorry he got a shiner!

  2. Uh huh. "Forgot" to tell us. At least he got a black eye for us rather than you ;)