29 January 2011

Of My Helper

I know I've been bragging on him a lot lately, but I think he secretly likes it.

I had what could have potentially been a very stressful day today.  Starting with a 9am meeting, moving straight into a Pampered Chef show and then wrapping up with grocery shopping and errands at the mall.  I got home at 4:30pm.  Basically, if you consider I didn't come home for a lunch hour, I was out of the house for nearly the equivalent of a full work-day.  So we had a bit of a role reversal in our home.

And Philip did great.

More than the fact that he cleaned up the living room and kitchen a smidge, fed the kids, entertained the kids, entertained himself while the kids napped, and welcomed me at the door, prepared to unload my car, he also ironed my clothes before I left, aided me in gathering supplies for the day and was all-around at my beck and call (complaint-free) for the entire day - desiring to do whatever he could to lessen the impact of the full schedule laying before (and now behind) me.

He is truly the greatest thing to ever happen to this unworthy, yet eternally grateful, girl.

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