19 April 2012

Of Bugs

Our home has recently become inundated with fruit flies.  While basically harmless, it's little things like these which drive me nuts.

Thus, at dinner this evening, as two swarmed around the table, I attempted to clap at least one between my two hands, to which my dismayed daughter responded, "No, Mommy!  Not the bug!  He just has to get back home!"

Someone has been watching a little too much of "A Bug's Life" recently.

1,000 Gifts:
376. Ridding our home of the unnecessary (and putting a little cash in the pocket while we're at it).
377. A bill coming in under-budget.
378. My little kitchen copycat.
 379. A toddler-designed headboard (that Mommy and Daddy made her undo)
380. Time to sit in the car and talk about nothing important.
381. Chopping up vegetables for dinner.
382. A little guy enjoying time on the playmat.
383. Reading the Sunday comics.

My Life: My Hobby
I have many hobbies, but the two I'm engaging in today are cooking (Ratatouille!) and crafting (excited about this birthday present for my niece to celebrate her first year of life!).


  1. The picture of the headboard doesn't really do it justice.  It looked very artsy... if she'd intended that, we'd be enrolling her in some art program already. :)

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has been inundated with fruit flies. The other day I came home from work and went into the bathroom and there were like 10 fruit flies just hanging out in the sink. ????? I wasn't sure if this reflected on my housekeeping skills or if somewhere in our pipes a fruit fly colony is breeding or if my life has become a horror movie. I killed them all and none have appeared since.

  3. The best way I found of dealing with fruit flies was to get a jar or glass, put part of a banana in it, make a tube out of paper and tape it into the glass...sealing everything but the tube opening. The flies go in and can't get back out...and it doesn't smell, like you think it might! If you put a bit of water or something at the bottom of the jar it would kill the flies so you don't have to figure out how to get rid of them once you've trapped them...

  4. Is ratatouille hard to make? I've wanted to make it ever since the movie, but it looked intimidating.