24 April 2012

Of Facing Fears

Tonight marks a milestone for our oldest son.

This boy hates getting his head wet.  Hates it.  He screams and writhes at bath-time as the water is poured over him.  I have often felt like I was bathing a cat in the way he yells and tries to claw his way out of the tub.

He also hates getting his haircut.  Hates it.  No matter what we put on the T.V. to distract him, or what snack is in front of him or what Daddy does to divert his attention from the scissors at his hair, he wails, wiggles and tries to get away (which, of course, only makes matters worse).

But tonight.

Tonight he sat patiently as Daddy washed his hair ever-so-gently.  Even more surprising, the little man picked up the cup himself, pouring water down his face, declaring, "I do it!" and giggling.  Giggling.

And then it was haircut time.  Though he wasn't quite so brave as to try to snag the scissors himself, there was an impressive lack of tears (except, understandably so, at the point when Mommy accidentally nicked his ear, drawing blood, even).  Overall, though, with marshmallows in his snack cup, Blue's Clues on the television and Daddy engaging him in conversation about all of the above, he remained relatively still (for a nearly-two-year-old) and quiet.

That's our tough man.  We're so proud.

1,000 Gifts:
406. Chicken jambalaya - which everyone loved!
407. Overheard on the monitor - "No, Emmett, don't get up there; Mommy will be mad!" - a big sister trying to keep her brother out of trouble
408. A fresh haircut
409. Non-stop smiles from the littlest.
410. Making handprints
411. Releasing captured insects into the wild.

My Life: My Favorite Outfit
I love my convertible dress (that I got for 80% off!).  Pregnant or no, it's my absolute fave!

1 comment:

  1. He was extremely brave.  During bathtime he kept suggesting "diddy turn" but he didn't argue when I told him "no, just a little bit more and then it's sissy's turn."  And during the haircut... He did an awesome job of sitting through it even after being wounded.  I know I would have probably fussed more than he did and not wanted to sit there if my ear got nicked. 

    So proud of that tough guy.