23 April 2012

Of Self-less Celebrating

Somewhere (I'm thanking blaming Dora), Micaiah has learned that Mother's Day is the next holiday after Easter and has, therefore, been asking me daily, "Is it Mother's Day today?!"  Every day I tell her, "Not yet, Baby."

I've informed Philip of her anticipation and suggested he make this Mother's Day super exciting - you know, because we don't want to disappoint the children.

I'm all about the children.

1,000 Gifts:
398. Popcorn
399. A polite daughter
400. Micaiah:"Emmett, tell Mommy you're sorry you play with the wipes." Emmett: "I dorry, Mommy."
401. A cooking partner
402. A healthy meal for my family
403. A tiny baby who just wants company.
404. A nap to refresh a mood.
405. Small group

My Life: My Sweet Tooth
These are the buttermilk pancakes and buttermilk syrup Philip made from scratch.  The syrup tasted like caramel - it was absolutely amazing.  Nothing like a little dessert for dinner.

My Happy Place
So, I'm kind of cheating because I can't really think of one place that is my happy place.  I'm happy wherever I have friends and family.  Thus, I'm presenting Joey's happy place - his swing.  Sure, he doesn't look happy, but I know he's smiling on the inside.  And, honestly, this kid could sit in here for hours (and sometimes does).

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  1. #400. Melt my heart :)
    And, Joey is super cute!