18 April 2012

Of Sparky

We believe it may be a result of watching a little too much Bolt lately, but we now have a new addition to our home: Sparky, a.k.a. Micaiah's imaginary dog.

So far I have heard Micaiah declare it's Sparky's turn to have his diaper changed (but she insisted she would do it herself), I've encouraged her to tell Sparky it's time to go potty when she didn't want to leave him behind (and, yes, I overheard her telling him how to do it), she has been dismayed over leaving Sparky in the bath (though I told her he could swim across the tub to her, at which point all was good), she has asked if Sparky could share her breakfast (but I told her no dogs allowed at the table), and she has cried over leaving Sparky at Wal-Mart (at which point Daddy suggested he might just be in the garage, and sure enough, there he was).

Oh, and when Micaiah was introducing her Daddy to her new friend, Emmett overheard and decided he, too has a Sparky; his is blue (apparently).

Not gonna lie, kind of adoring this stage (for now).  And imaginary dogs are so much easier to live with than real ones - their barking is tons quieter.

1,000 Gifts:
369. Tiny fingers engulfed in mine.
370. Diapers rinsing in the washing machine.
371. A diaper train or baby (and other adorable diaper creations)

372. Sno-Cones after church.
373. Stripes
374. A project to work on.
375. Spontaneous gifts from friends.

My Life: My Inspiration
So much of my inspiration for so many things (couponing, frugal living, crafts, gifts, etc.) comes from reading blogs (I subscribe to a ton).  This is one of my current favorites for adorable projects, from clothing to baby gifts.

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