26 April 2012

Of Priorities

My children napped for two hours today.  All three of them.  In their own beds.

Well, one of them napped for two hours, the other two kept right on going.  And, honestly, this is not an entirely rare scenario for me (yes, I recognize how extremely blessed I am).

Now, typically when this happens, I either find innumerable stupid things that I think important at that moment to fill the time or I recognize this golden window and actually accomplish things - folding clothes, cleaning up the kitchen, making dinner.  Useful things.

But while going about trying to accomplish one of those useful things this afternoon, I found something I had printed for Micaiah over a month ago that I had meant to actually get ready for her so she could play with it.  I knew she'd love it.  But it was set aside, forgotten about, and, when remembered, set aside again, in favor of a million "useful" things.

Today, though, I realized I had nothing I would rather do than spend an hour cutting out cardstock cats that will probably be partially destroyed or lost in less than the time I put into them.  Yes, there is still unfolded laundry in the dryer and, yes, the kitchen counter still needs de-cluttering and, yes, the bathrooms still need cleaning.

But those fleeting moments in which my daughter will delight in cardstock cats are so much more precious than a clean kitchen that, let's face it, will be destroyed in less than the time I put into it.

1,000 Gifts:
419. Cardstock Cats
420. A little man that can decidedly hear - only two months old and already passing tests with flying colors.
421. Evening plans.
422. A negotiable budget.
423. A calendar filled - with things I want to do.
424. Knowing what's for dinner.
425. Cupcakes (with sprinkles!)

My Life: My Friends
There are many people I could have included in a picture here, but, really, my husband is my best friend.  And I love watching him bond with our children, who are also our friends (but not to the point that they get away with things, of course).


  1. You say "bond" I say "get beat up" but either way, it was fun.  Having "boy time" is something I never knew I would be looking forward to as much as I am.

  2. I love the cardboard cats...those are the eternal things...laundry will always be there :)