10 April 2012

Of Giving Up Fear

I always feared the idea that having three children would leave Philip and I outnumbered.  It's no longer, "You grab that one, I'll get this one."  Instead, it's most often, "You take the older ones, I'll get the little guy."

What I have realized this week, though, as severe weather has threatened parts of our state, and we have been warned of a higher-than-normal rate of these storms coming this season, is that on top of our being outnumbered, I, when I am alone, no longer have enough hands for each child.  So when it comes down to it, if we are forced out to the storm shelter in the face of a looming tornado, in the middle of the day with no husband to help, I will have the sole responsibility of getting three scared little ones to safety while only being able to hold onto two, at most.  

Yes, the fear can be a little overwhelming at times (especially considering how dominant the terror of these storms was for me even before children entered the picture).  These are the times when I must remember I have been called to a life without fear in the midst of my circumstances - at least not a fear of the unknown.  Because, though I don't know the future, I belong to the One who does.  Which means, even if the outcome isn't as I desired it, I can always trust in His goodness.  Thus, I have no need to fear the future.

Therefore, this season, rather than biting my nails at every overcast sky or becoming frozen at every discussion of tornadoes on the news, I will trust.  

1,000 Gifts (inspired by the lists here and here): 
231. Opening the storm shelter to get it ready for the season, while praying it won't be necessary.
232. Opening the shower door for a morning shower - before the kids are even out of their rooms.
234. Opening my eyes at 7:34am, realizing my youngest son has still not awoken after laying down to bed at 8:30 the night before.
235. Sour gummy vitamins (made for adults!) - yes, they're mostly sugar, but they still make me happy.
236. Emmett, turning to his "diddy" for help, and her willingness to assist.  Too sweet.
237. Celebrating National Cheese Fondue Day in our own kitchen.

I failed to take my "My Life" photo for today, but no worries, I'll catch up tomorrow!  In the meantime, you can adore my little post-bath cutie.

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  1. I just love reading your blog it makes my smile