11 April 2012

Of Emmett

I groaned to myself in dismay this afternoon as I read a brief article on-line.  With all the horrifying things in our world, what could have caused the sadness I felt?  Only a tiny snippet detailing celebrity-inspired baby names which are rising in popularity these days.  The name that topped the list?  Emmett.  Even worse than the fact that our son's name is becoming "all the rage" is that it's sudden rise in fame is linked to the Twilight series.

I shake my head in remorse.

To be honest, I had actually discovered the link between the name and the vampiric love story before our firstborn son ever entered the world.  I noticed it on some obscure website as I first researched this name we were considering for our baby boy.  And it was almost enough to deter me from using it altogether.  Almost.

And now, though I truly love the origin for our own son's name, I still almost feel the need to apologize for labeling him with such a moniker which is apparently plaguing the sons of his generation and for the association with a fictional blood-sucking brother.  I am deeply sorry, Son.  As you move along in this life in a sea of boys risen by vampire fangirls, I am sorry for the fact you may get lost in the crowd.

Also, I'm sad because I will constantly feel on the defensive when introducing my son to strangers.  "His name is Emmett, but I swear it had nothing to do with Twilight and I swear we chose the name before it was ever even trendy.  I swear."  So, really it's my pride that is sad.  My pride likes being original.

And now my pride feels like a brain-washed, pop-culture-leeching lemming.  Yuck.

1,000 Gifts (inspired by the list here): 
238. Irises, overflowing the small bed in our front lawn, just showing signs they will be opening soon.
239. The tree in the center of the irises, grown to adolescence, seems to be so grown-up from when we first met it as a young newlywed couple so in love with each other and this, our first house.
240. Our Little Man, heading to the church nursery for the first time.

My Life: My Transportation
It may look like a beast in the garage (or, really anywhere), especially in contrast to our tiny Cavalier, and may not boast the best gas mileage, but this vehicle fits three carseats with room to grow, so we're happy with it.

My Space
This is pretty much my view most days, sitting on the couch, staring at my laptop.  Although, I've been doing better about getting active with my kids, this spot in the middle of the sofa is still "Mommy's seat."

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  1. I hate it when pop culture ruins perfectly good names! I had a friend whose sister or something named her son Levi and all I could think of was Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin's baby daddy. Ugh!