09 April 2012

Of Checking In

Lately . . .
- Joey has been smiling up a storm.  He giggles and coos and grins.  It's quite adorable.  Also quite boyish as I tend to find smiles when I discuss his poop or his boogers.  He loves it.

- Micaiah has been responding to my calling her with, "Yes, Mommy?" and to my requests with, "Yes, Ma'am."  I love it.

- Joey has been going to bed at the same time, or closely thereafter, as his siblings.  And then he sleeps for 9-10 hours.  And he's not yet two months old.  I love it.

- Emmett has learned to say "Peenwin" as opposed to confusing "penguin" and "rainbow" into one word, "Beembo." This is just the latest in a long string of new vocabulary, which seems to grow daily.  I love it.

I guess, basically, we can sum up life lately with the McDonald's catchphrase, "I'm lovin' it!"

1,000 Gifts (inspired by the lists here and here):
225. Our children running and squealing as they hid from the vacuum cleaner.
226. Joseph, holding his Easter duck, as placed gently in his swing by his older siblings.

227. "Swing me on the bed, Daddy!"
228. The phone which connects me to long-distance family.
229. A little boy who sleeps peacefully in his swing - two hours past feeding time, even.
230. Snuggling with a book and a boy as Emmett points out Dora, Boots and Tico.

My Life: My True Love
The man I married - this ring, inscribed with the words "I will wait for My Beloved," lived on my left hand until the night he proposed, at which point he wore it until our wedding.  He was worth the wait.

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  1. He is sleeping through the night you are so lucky how did you get him to sleep through the night? Mine is almost 4 months old and still only sleeps for about an hour or two at a time