03 April 2012

Of Physical Touch

We have learned over the past twenty-one months (has it really only been that long?) that our eldest son's primary love language is clearly physical touch.  He loves to snuggle while watching TV, he'll smack us lightly on the leg with a mischievous grin just to say, "I'm here and I love you."  Spanking works as a punishment for him because touch is very important and speaks volumes.

I definitely enjoy this language of his - the language that causes him to run into the kitchen and hug my legs while I make dinner before scampering away once again - but sometimes it can be a trial, like the other times I'm making dinner and he is melting down either from a rumbly tummy or too little sleep and all he wants is simply to be held and, as holding a toddler doesn't really work when trying to chop vegetables, I have to deny his request to fulfill his emotional need in the interest of meeting his physical needs.  Times like those are rough.

But times like these, when the kids are sitting at the table, watching cartoons on the iPad after breakfast and Micaiah says, "Look, Mommy, Emmett's holding me!" and I walk over to see him simply watching the screen with one hand rested casually on his sissy's back, so as to say, "I'm here and I love you."  These times are wonderful.

1,000 Gifts (inspired from the lists here and here):
194. Piles of puzzle pieces coming together to make beautiful images of God's love.
195. A willing spirit inside a stubborn heart.
196. Beautiful bread out of my oven.

197. "What do I do next, Pirate Daddy?!" - a fun game to make helping a joy
198. Philip: "Deal?"  Emmett: "No deal!" - a Daddy encouraging his kids to obey
199. "You hep me, Diddy?" (Translation: "Can you help me, Sissy?") - knowing who to turn to when you need a helping hand.

My Life: My Smile
One of the reasons I smile.

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