25 April 2012

Of Thanks

I have, at times, what can be considered a thank-less job.  There are days when it seems no one notices the folded clothes that magically replaced themselves in their drawers when they weren't looking or the home-made snacks that miraculously appeared in the fridge while they were sleeping.  It can seem I spend my days on one task after another that are all just taken for granted.

Gratefully, though, I have my son.  The one who can talk.

There are moments when I may, in passing, pick up his spoon, of which he has so carelessly lost his grip, and casually place it on the table as I walk by, to which I am surprised to hear, "Dank oo, Mommy, my spoon."  Or the times when I ask him to clean up the toys scattered about and I stoop to help, receiving a polite, "Dank oo" when we're done.

Yes, there are occasions when I deliberately perform actions for which I expect my children to thank me, because they know they should - when they are given a snack or when they are kindly handed the cup for which they have been begging.  These are things for which we have taught them to express gratitude.

But the random acts of kindness which I think nothing of, the things I do because I'm mommy and that's what I do, these are the actions for which I am surprised to receive a verbal expression of thanks.

Surprised, but oh so grateful.

So, thank you, Emmett, for making my day a little less thank-less.

1,000 Gifts:
412. Smiles at 4:30am.
413. Being on-time.
414. Girl time at Bible Study.
415. Time to get things done.
416. Help with the purge.
417. A sweet sister laying next to her brother so he will hate tummy time a little less.
418. A tiny co-conspirator in teaching her brother to ask first.

My Life: My Book
After finishing the second book during an early morning feeding, I'm almost done with The Hunger Games trilogy!

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