21 April 2012

Of Colors

Why is it we are always amazed at how our children have developed?  I mean, I knew someday Emmett would know his colors.  And I know Micaiah has (mostly) known her colors for a long time.  So, logically, it should not be surprising to see he's already beginning to pick it up.

But when I'm playing Draw Something on my iPad while he sits in my lap and I hear him suddenly exclaim, "Black!" as a black line appears and then, even more impressive, "Two black!" as another black line appears, I cannot help but be in awe.

Interesting, though, that black and blue are the only two he can confidently recognize.  And if all else fails, every other color is "blue", too.

But he's getting there.

1,000 Gifts:
390. A productive naptime
391. Great garage sale finds
392. Helpful neighbors
393. My man representin' at Regionals.
394. A successful end to a long search
395. Egg hunts at dusk.
396. An outfit coordinated by Sissy (consisting of an American flag t-shirt, bright green froggie swim trunks and brown sandals - to go over his white socks)
 397. Joey, lovin' on his "lovey"

My Life: My Favorite Color
I have multiple favorites.  Last night I told my husband I liked silver and purple best.  And then I found this nightstand (with coordinating dresser) and remembered my deep love for turquoise.

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