16 April 2012

Of Hijacking

Please forgive my internet silence.  Ours has been rendered lifeless since, literally, seconds before we hurried out to the storm shelter on Friday night to evade the impending tornado (which, to the best of my knowledge, stayed on the northwest side of town, issuing little-to-no damage to anyone or anything).  Thus, until the repairmen visits tomorrow afternoon we are hijacking our neighbor's internet signal (insomuch as using it with complete permission, with the password they, themselves, passed along - thus, our hijacking is entirely legit).

Then again, after sharing the air of our six-foot underground cube with the two of them and their three pets (all in one crate - I was thoroughly impressed that everyone survived the encounter) as we waited out the hail and thunder that may or may not have heralded the impending doom of our two side-by-side homes, sharing a wireless signal is practically nothing, right?

1,000 Gifts:
247. True peace in the storm.
248. Fair warning.
249. A clean bill of health for our 13lb 10oz, 24 inches of baby boy.
350. Lollipops and stickers at the doctor's office.
351. Asking the doctor, "Am I being good?"
352. Balance in the chaos.
353. Three kids napping at the same time, in their own beds.
354. Sleeping through the night.
355. A Saturday morning on the phone with my brother.
356. Friendly neighbors.
357. Bags of produce crowding my counters:
358. Keeping it clean.
359. Blooming irises.
360. Sunday showers.
361. Waking to the boom of thunder and roar of rain.
362. Showers of blessings.
363. Having more than we know what to do with.
364. Conviction to make no provision for the flesh.
365. Technically being able to afford even what we "cannot afford."
366. Two months with this guy:
367. Doting on Joey.

My Life: My Evening 
It's always a little nerve-wracking when the weatherman starts pointing at your town on the map (even our little thumb-sucker looked nervous watching the news).  Thus, we spent our evening tuned to the coverage, before and after spending some time in the storm shelter with the neighbors, the little ones either watching School House Rock or sleeping while the adults kept up what was going on outside.

My Family
Our little family of five.

My Lunch
Maybe not the healthiest fare, but my baby shower fodder was plenty satisfying nonetheless.

My Guilty Pleasure
Spending my afternoon reading the second book of The Hunger Games trilogy and watching the latest episode of ANTM while snuggling with my little boy.  I promise this one episode per week is the only television I actually watch during the days at home.

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