06 August 2010

A Good Evening

If you know me at all (or have been following this blog for awhile), you'll know I love a good bargain. My hubby will tell you, I can get a little excessive, especially when it's free. Our mailbox is routinely filled with everything from free deodorant and razors to free bags of chex mix or M&M's (he doesn't so much argue on those days). So, you know I'm telling the truth when I say I had a pretty good evening tonight.

My tiny family of four gathered in the car to run a few errands. The highlight of the trip was a quick stop to the mall that took no longer than 15 minutes (in the mall! On Tax-Free Weekend, no less) and allowed us to walk out with a good sized light-up glitter ball for Micaiah and a travel-sized Bath and Body Works lotion for me and we didn't spend one precious penny (nor did we break any laws). I love the feeling of going shopping without having to, you know, spend money.

And, I'll tell you, between the new ball and her first ride on the 50 cent horsey at Wal-Mart, Micaiah wasn't complaining too much, either.

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