31 October 2010

Of Holding On

Little Boy's Latest Development:  He can hold his own bottle! (sort of) 

He has become much more grabby of late - playing with anything and everything he can get his hands on (including, of course, Mommy's hair) - and "playing" means gripping it with all his might and subsequently shoving it into his wide open, toothless mouth to be gummed to death.  Thus he enjoys his blankie bear (I just came up with that title, but I kind of like it) and his paci has taken on a whole new level of enjoyment - not just for sucking anymore as he pulls it out of his mouth and chews the hard plastic base.

And all of this activity has culminated in his ability to hold his own bottle - to a certain extent.  He still doesn't quite know how to handle his own strength and equalize pressure between arms, so he often knocks his milk source out of his mouth due to pushing too hard with one fist and not enough with the other.  Then his little mouth starts working like a fish gasping for water.  Little cutie.

He'll also chase his bottle if I decide to tease him by pulling it out of his mouth and watching his pudgy arms desperately grab for it and reel the plastic container back in.  It's a fun game. 

Well, fun for me.

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