28 May 2011

Of Anniversaries

We watched our wedding footage for the first time this evening.  Five years later and I finally saw what it looked like when I walked down the steps of Raley Chapel to meet my groom.  Hearing the vows, and the charge given to us by Philip's father, who performed the ceremony, for the first time in five years, they suddenly had meaning.  I could hear the words and nod my head, knowing, indeed, we had not simply formed a husband and wife duo on that bright spring evening, but a home, in which both opinions are valued - need to be valued.  As a reminder, these words are significant.  As a young bride getting in way over her head, I could not have imagined the weight of what I heard that day.  As a matter of fact, I'm not even sure any part of what was spoken actually registered in my brain past the resounding, "What am I doing?!" 

Yes, part of me wanted to run away that day.

But all of me is glad I did not.

If I had, I would not have two beautiful children who crack me up every day with new antics.  I would not fall asleep next to my best friend every night or feel his kiss on my cheek every morning.  And I would not have had an evening in his arms, wading through the pages of our wedding album (filling in pages left blank years ago) and another depicting our courtship and our first year of marriage.

Only five years in and I can already say that not all of those days have been easy but the storms of the first few years have faded into a light rain here and again. 

Here's praying for the next five, fifteen and fifty years to continue to pull us closer together in this bond of marriage and of love.

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