15 May 2011

Of Writer's Block

I'm experiencing writer's block.  You could probably tell when, for the past couple of days you've been wiping your tears from the boredom I've induced.  I apologize.  I wish I could offer you better tonight but I've got nothing.

I've racked my brain for an anecdote, but while I know these kids do the darnedest things just about all the time, I'm coming up blank.  So, a cure for writer's block?  Writing a post about writer's block, apparently.

Ok, so maybe it's not a cure, but a symptom.

Either way, it's not good.

Here's what's floating around:
- We tried to teach Micaiah the word "compartir" tonight when she shared her tortilla with Emmett.  A sign that she watches a little too much Dora?  When I told her we were going to Abuelita's she said, "Yay!  Abuelita's house!"

- Emmett will have his very first haircut tomorrow.  Trying to be ok with that.

- One of my best friends in the world will most likely bring her first child into the world within the next 24 hours.  Stoked beyond belief!

- I get to meet my newest niece, Miss McKenzie Olivia, for the first time tomorrow!  And I get to spend three whole days loving on her while her siblings and my children chase each other like mad around the house - so looking forward to it!  Maybe trying to keep up with three big kids will inspire Emmett to spontaneously put those two legs to good use.  Thinking a miraculous jump to running isn't really in the works, though.

That's all I've got for you right now.  I'm off to cut my husband's hair - but don't worry, I'm not asking him to cut mine this time.  Learned that lesson.  Good night all.

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