20 May 2011

Of New Developments

Just as Emmett finished eating his lunch yesterday, he turned toward the T.V. and, very deliberately, folded three fingers and a thumb under while directing his bitty index finger at the screen.  He was pointing!  For the first time (I had noticed, anyway)!  In the next couple of hours he showed off his new skill while pointing at his reflection in the full-length mirror and, later, his Daddy. 

Today, he put his new ability to use after Mommy, in a moment of insanity, I'm sure, relented on her staunch "no baby under the age of one touches the iPad" rule.  With the "Toy Phone" app opened, he went to work, pointing and pulling, with the occasional (okay, frequent) hand slap thrown in for good measure.  I was actually rather impressed with his iPad savvy - I would assume he's soaked in technique by observation.

A final note on his new action list: an adorable sound unable to re-create via typing (and yet I'm trying).  He has moved past the mono-syllabic chatter to discover the complexities of his tongue in a new, "Ga-bla-ga-bla-ga-bla" - somewhat resembling a spastic turkey.

But let's be honest, this kid could do just about anything and we'd call him adorable.  He should enjoy this stage while he can.

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