08 May 2011

Of Lazy Saturdays

Saturdays are for . . .

- sleeping in - just a little.
- fast food lunches - and Micaiah standing in front of the couch, using the ottoman as a table for her cheeseburger, milk and apple slices, while Emmett wanders on his hands and knees begging for food, even though he just finished his peas.
- everyone gathering on Mom and Dad's bed for giggles after an afternoon nap.
- Dominos pizza.
- bath-time with color tablets and a Dora "magic towel".
- video chats with Grandma, Grandpa and some cousins (including the newest addition).
- homemade popcorn and the OETA movie club with B.J. Wexler.
- blue and green striped toes painted by my husband.
- home-spun frappuccinos, even if they're a little grainy from the last-minute sugar addition - again.
- staying up late.

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