13 May 2011

Of Showing Off

First, I must beg pardon for my absence yesterday, I was unable to post due to some sort of Blogger malfunction, but, to be honest, I don't even remember what I was going to write about, so you can't have missed much.

This evening my children have had a field day.  Our church hosted the California Baptist University women's choir for a concert this evening and, as such, they requested volunteers for those willing to house some of the choir members for the night.  Yearning to be the hospitable church members of the New Testament, we jotted our names on the list.  And, so it was, that I brought home two extra girls this evening, much to Micaiah's delight.

Thus, even though we arrived home nearly an hour and a half past bedtime, our children were more than happy to show off the best sides of their personalities for our guests.  Well, one of them was eager, the other was a little cranky from missin' his Momma, but once he had a bottle-full of milk in this tiny tummy he was ready to go.  There were bouncy balls flying, keyboards pounded and maracas shaken.  Micaiah pulled out nearly every cute trick in the book to entertain her public.

I love seeing them like this - excited to see people and being characteristically child-like in their eagerness to please and open up their home.  May I be a reflection of their own hospitality and outgoing natures.

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