18 May 2011

Of the Hyper Stage

There is a certain threshold of tiredness which, once crossed, enters me into a decided stage of hyper-activity.  Or, rather than "activity" - more like hyper-sensitivity to silliness.  This is the stage in which I found myself for round two of Baby McKenzie photography this afternoon - wherein she acted as the sole subject.

It was her naptime and while she slept, I longed to.  Instead, I found myself acting as prop-master for her session.  I tell you, the models always have it easy.  But at least, when my weary arms felt like falling off rather than hold up the black sheet used as a backdrop, I was able to laugh it off.

And when my sister's hands slid under the other black sheet, to be used as a prop for the tiny feet and itty bitty toes needed in the photo, I declared, with certainty, while being careful not to drop the backdrop or get my fingers or goofy faces showing through the thin, jersey-knit sheet, "I'm pretty sure this is how Sears does it."

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