21 May 2011

Of Getting Out (or Not)

While long recognizing the fact that I am, indeed, an introvert, I feel as though I have most certainly discovered another defining characteristic - I am quite the home-body. 

I knew there was something different about me when, in the face of a week and a half of being iced in at the beginning of the year, amidst the cries of going stir crazy, I found myself quite content in my frozen confines.  Of course, I had the luxury of good company and endless entertainment in the forms of both children and Netflix.  The only need I had for escape was to replenish the stock of baking supplies because, let's be honest, it's much more fun being stuck in the house when there are brownies to keep one company. 

Overall, though, I attributed this love for being stuck indoors to the idea of feeling like this was a day (or week) out of the norm, an un-planned time to simply enjoy the presence of loved ones (and baked goods).

Then, along came MonCon - a full three-days of being relegated to a hotel with my two munchkins while Daddy played strategy games to his heart's content.  When others asked what I would do while he consorted with fellow gamers, I'll admit, the outlook was bleak - alone in a small room with two under the age of three for hours on end?  Maybe not the wisest plan.

I had back-up ideas.  Perhaps we'd visit the RiverWalk, or even just Target.  I had plans.

Yet, as the end of MonCon approaches, I'll admit, we have yet to leave the compound of businesses in which our hotel resides.  In fact, were it not for meals, I would not have stepped out the front doors. 

And I'm okay with that.

Two full days thus far of lounging on a bed, flipping channels, indulging in rarely-read fiction and keeping up with my two favorite little people?  Definitely not bad. 

Who needs sunlight or hectic crowds? 

Apparently not me. 

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