10 May 2011

Of Standing Tall

At his Nine(/Ten)-Month appointment, Emmett's pediatrician was concerned about his dis-interest in standing on his own - to the point when, even as we held his hands, he would lift his feet from the ground, entirely apathetic about supporting himself on his own two feet (let's pray this is not indicative of his future as an adult).  She sent him for a hip x-ray and told us if he wasn't standing in the next month, we should give her a call.

On Saturday, Philip was browsing through his phone.  In an effort to feel cool while his sister tinkered on her iPhone and I played around on the iPad, he whipped out his tiny feature-less cell and meandered through the photos/video - the only option he had - and happened to stumble upon a video of our little girl as a very little girl, trying in vain to pull herself to her feet while playing in his office.  The date on the video was July 20, 2009 - only a week and a half past her ten-month birthday.  I knew there was a reason I was not concerned about my son's laziness - apparently it runs in the family - not surprising when you take a look at the parents.

On Sunday, as I sifted through Micaiah's "box" - the one in which I toss her significant papers and memorabilia - I found the calendar I kept of her first year, on which I marked her meaningful milestones.  August 30, 2009 - "You're pulling yourself up!"  A week and a half before her first birthday - and she was finally pulling herself to standing.  I yelled out in defiance to our pediatrician - there is nothing wrong with my son!  Either that or he and his sister can commiserate in their developmental delays - but I'm betting on the former.

And Little Man seemed to feel my belief in his ability because on Monday he decided it was time to grow up. 

As he finished eating and I followed through in my routine of setting him on the floor so he could saunter off to play, I was surprised to notice that instead of pulling his legs up so his tooshy could connect with the floor, per his usual technique, I was setting my son on his feet.  Knees strong, body supported, he wasn't bending himself to sit!  So, I experimented and leaned him forward slightly so as to rest his hands on the ottoman before him.  And he complied.  I pulled my hands away - and there was my son.  Standing.  Without outside help (from human hands, anyway).

And he actually stood for a solid minute or two before plopping to his behind, at which point, empowered by this experience, he began clawing at the stool, anxious to be on his little feet once again. 

So, no, he's not pulling himself up yet, but he is definitely interested.  Take that, overly-concerned doctor!

His Aunt Dia captured the priceless moment.

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