19 May 2011

Of Eventfulness and Thankfulness

When a day begins with awakening in satin sheets adorning the sofa bed with a wiggly two-year-old at your side, after a 4 AM move to the living room with aforementioned sickly toddler, who just finished creating quite the mess in her bed and her hair and is continuing to cry it out, so as to calm her down and avoid her waking either the cousins in her room or her brother in your own, and ends (or begins to wind down, as it were) at 11 PM with your playing a strategy game involving miniature monsters against your husband's high school friend (and losing, but putting up a valiant effort) in a hotel conference room an hour and a half from home - with a doctor's visit, a diagnosis of a "bilateral" ear infection, an antibiotic shot, a shiny band-aid and a really delicious California Chicken Sandwich from Braum's all thrown in the mix somewhere - that's when said day is labeled "eventful".  Or at least that's what I'd call it.

And while I would hate to infer that I revel in her suffering, the extreme amounts of cuddling invoked by the nature of her illness have inflicted a certain amount of warmth on this Momma's heart.  It's days like this we remember why we're here - because, as the elderly man in the clinic waiting room affirmed as Micaiah sobbed into my shoulder (for nearly an hour), "Momma makes everything feel better."  And the weariness brought upon by the infection has served to impose a well-needed rest on us all (well, except Daddy, who has been quite busy with the convention for aforementioned game, but not too busy to comfort his little girl, of course).

Many thanks to my sister and her family for taking good care of Emmett while Micaiah spent two and a half hours earning her diagnosis, to the doctor who correctly assessed the situation, to the nurse who kindly and quickly administered the antibiotic (not so much to the overly-panicky nurse who attempted to strike the fear of death in this mother by using such terms as "respiratory distress" and "serious") and to the hotel staff who allowed us to switch our rooms to a lower level so our baby monitor would not be rendered useless for the duration of our stay.

Oh, and to Braum's, for making that amazing chicken sandwich.  Seriously.

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