31 May 2011

Of Pressure

I've always known I work best under pressure - when I have a deadline.  For example, I can say I want to make albums to store all the photos taken over the past couple of years, but with no impending need, I find myself continuing the avoidance of the task.  In the past, a great coupon code for a photo book would be enough to light my fire, but, lately, these book deals have been abundant and, thus, have lost their ability to motivate.  Something my husband probably appreciates, given that most of these deadlines cause panic, staying up late, anger when computer programs fail and, inevitably, a complete lack of attention to all other areas of our life until that deadline is met, the book is ordered and I have released the breath held as I hit the "submit" button.

Yet, for some reason, I continue to do this to myself.  This week, with Emmett's first birthday looming at just over two weeks away (I don't want to talk about it), I have realized I have not devoted myself to "the video" - a montage of first year pictures and videos set to music to commemorate the past 365 days.  So here I go again.

Micaiah's "video" found me yelling at the computer at the eleventh hour, delaying our seventh-hour road trip by a solid three hours - putting us in at Nebraska at a good 4am the day before her party.

Here's hoping this project does not cost my sanity.  We all know I have little left of that trait in the first place.


  1. Just promise not to take it out on my Mac.  I am a little scared to let you borrow it now! :-)

  2. No worries, my feelings do not generally lead to violence, as I recognize the machine's ability to function is somewhat critical to my mission - even if it is reluctant to do so.  I generally stick to verbal abuse only.  So, while Mac may need therapy by next week, he should still be in working order.

  3. I've decided the kids and I may move in with Aunt Dia in her refrigerator box until you're done.  That way you get done faster and we get to play in a giant box.  win-win.