01 June 2011

Of Breakfast (and Not)

Our daughter seems to be confused.

It would appear breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day, but her favorite.  It's got everything she loves and it tends to be consistent from day-to-day - in fact, every day, from the time she was old enough (thus, going on nearly two years now), she has had for her morning meal a banana and a sippie of milk - the only variable was the sort of cereal in her bowl.  On days/weeks when the box designated for her contained sugary goodness, she was a happy camper - other days, it would seem there was only so much she could take of Corn Chex or Crispix before her taste buds demanded something better.  Either way, she looks forward to that time of day.

So much so that every night before going to bed she is sure to confirm: "I wake up and I have pops [her current cereal is Kix - not quite sure why these are called pops] and I have banana and I have milk?"

"Yes, baby, you'll have all of that when you wake up."  This is typically all it takes for her to go to bed peacefully - the promise of breakfast in the morning.

The confusion is found in her inability to distinguish bed-time from nap-time.  Every afternoon, before laying down for her two hours of daily rest, the same question arises.  At which point, every afternoon, I attempt to describe to her the difference between nap-time sleeping and night-time sleeping. 

She still doesn't get it.

She still rolls out of bed at 4pm demanding her cereal and banana and milk.  And every day her little heart is broken once again as I attempt to explain that it is not morning yet.

Someday, I'm sure she'll learn.  But for now, she'll just have to settle for five animal crackers in her bowl.

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  1. Don't forget the "poon."  She has to have that with her pops or else she can't get them out of the bowl. :)