21 June 2011

Of Disagreements with Self

Most entertaining portion of our day: Watching Micaiah argue with herself via the iPad.

In a moment of time wasting, I opened the App Store this afternoon to browse the top-downloaded Free Apps and ran across one labeled Talking Tom with an accompanying icon of a cat.  I wasn't sure what the program did, but knew if it was popular and involved talking felines, it would probably make my husband happy.  And I was right. 

Turns out, Tom is an animated kitten who repeats everything the user says in his own high-pitched voice.  This entertained Philip for a solid 20 seconds before Micaiah became involved and amused all of us for the better part of an hour.  In the beginning of her conversation, I was impressed at her instincts to talk to her new friend in its native language.  Rather than testing out funny sayings, she repeated "Meow" for quite awhile before we insisted she actually say something of more interest.

Thus the hilarity began.  As she asked questions, Tom would repeat the inquiry and Micaiah would answer.  We almost had to have her step away from the iPad when she began introducing the kitty to her family members and the conversation went something like this:

M: This my Mommy.
T: This my Mommy.
M: No, this MY Mommy.
T: No, this MY Mommy.

The violence was supremely eminent when they began discussing possession of Emmett - Micaiah is very protective of her little brother.

As Mommy re-directed the conversation to safer topics, however, little girl calmed back down and civility ensued.

Then, the only argument came when it was time to leave the iPad and head to bed.  Who can guess what we'll be doing tomorrow?

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