28 June 2011

Of Celebration

Today was my birthday.  Between yesterday's announcement and today's annual significance, my Facebook page has never felt so alive.  But to the wishes of many for a wonderful day, while I did have a nice time, it was no more wonderful, per se, than any average good day. 

This lack of spectacularity is mostly due to the fact that the majority of my merry-making occurred over the weekend, when Philip and I had our birthday date - to mutually celebrate our special days which are separated on the calendar by only three days.  We were also surprised by a glorious cake prepared by my sister-in-law (and loosely "supervised" by Philip's mom).  So, in essence my celebration was wonderful - it just wasn't today.

How, may you ask, did Philip and I choose to mark our momentous occasions?  Well, I enjoyed a lunch of a steakburger, fries and a hot dog from Freddy's, followed later by frozen custard from the very same - in between which I bought me some nice fat clothes.  Because apparently that's what you do when you're turning 27 and pregnant.


  1. So, maternity = fat?  I'll remember to use your chosen terminology when discussing this pregnancy down the line. 

    Meanwhile, anyone have a comfortable couch I could crash on?

  2. I became "fat" when we found out I was pregnant.  :)  Its ok.  Oh, and Andy calls me "fat" all the time now and I remember before I got pregnant with Amie that I would be really upset with him if he ever called me that and it doesn't bother me, hahah.  Go figure.  Happy late birthday by the way.  :)