20 June 2011

Of Lucky Charms

Someday in the future our daughter will have a Pavlovian response to a visit from Gram.  She will not understand why, but the moment she sees her father's mother, she will immediately demand Lucky Charms.   And I will be able to trace this behavior directly back to this week.

On Saturday, I took our daughter with me to Wal-Mart to gather a few things in preparation for Gram's pending visit.  Among the items added to the cart was the largest box of marshmallow-laced cereal I could find.  Lucky Charms are Gram's favorite.  Unfortunately, they also happen to be a favorite of the two-year-old sitting in the cart.

For the next couple of days, that little brain did not forget what we had purchased and at every opportunity she begged for Lucky Charms.  And at every opportunity, I tried to explain that Gram was coming and we would have the cereal when Gram came.

Today, at Emmett's 12-month check-up (23 lbs, 31 in), his doctor coincidentally shared an anecdote involving the very same magically delicious breakfast food.  Micaiah's response: "I want Lucky Charms!  And Gram, she gonna come and we have Lucky Charms."  Apparently she was learning.

Thus, after greeting Gram at the door this afternoon and sharing an evening of play, it was tough to convince her to head to bed.  So I pulled out the trusty favorite, "Guess what.  Now that Gram is here, what are you going to have for breakfast in the morning?"  Suddenly, the whining stopped, the squirming ceased and the face lit up, "Lucky Charms!!!"

I am sorry to have caused a possibly problematic mental association between my daughter and her grandmother, but whatever works for the moment, right?

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