15 June 2011

Of Growing Up Quickly

I feel as though Emmett recently got the memo (or maybe it was the giant birthday cake) that he is about to turn one-year-old.  It seems he has decided this new age distinction has declared him a big boy (maybe because Mommy keeps mentioning that) and he is done with his childish ways.  I know I have mentioned this before, but he really appears to have grown up so much just in the past week.  Either that or I've just started paying attention.

Yesterday morning, as I prepared to depart a good friend's home to make the voyage back to Oklahoma, my little man was grasping a lotion bottle.  Not too concerned, we allowed him to hit the bottle around a few times, until I turned once more and saw he had managed to un-screw the lid completely off!  He did the same with an empty spice bottle in his sister's kitchen today.  What a bright boy!

His pretend-play has stepped it up a notch, as well, as I found him today stirring in a plastic pot with his child-sized wooden spoon.  Later, he used his tiny fork to "feed himself" from the empty pan he held in his hands. 

He is responding to new commands (such as, "Go see your sissy!") and spending more time on his own, rather than crying when Mommy isn't next to him. 

I am so proud of our big boy!  First birthday, here he comes!

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