14 June 2011

Of Driving Home

Best part of my day, despite the fact she was awakened by the sound of her brother's crying when he stirred himself from his nap in the car a little too early, my bleary-eyed daughter responded to my request she read to her brother to help make him happy with a, "Sure, Mommy."  And proceeded to thumb through her Care Bear book. 

Those two are my favorite siblings I know.

Favorite photos of the day (let's take a moment now to remind everyone to focus on the subject matter and not the irresponsible driving tactics of the photographer/chauffer):

Most peaceful moment of the day.
After snacks, there was a lot of giggling in the backseat - music to a Mommy's ears.  Because of the circumstances of the photography (snapping the photo over my shoulder while keeping my eyes on the road, I was unable to notice my daughter's lack of happy face in the shot, but trust me, she was definitely playing with her brother and both were laughing quite heartily.)

See?  She was happy, too.  It would appear, though, that they take issue with the concept of documenting their mutual joy.

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  1. I'm just happy they're all home safely, and despite rumors to the contrary, they've both gotten much bigger over the last week.  I think there's some baby-swapping going on in MO.