24 June 2011

Of Mommy and Baby

We often wonder where it is our daughter picked up the idea of imaginative play.  Of course we understand that as kids we often lived in the world of make-believe and she is not the first to role-play, but it is fascinating to watch a child develop into such a realm of play that they voluntarily take on the position of someone else.  Micaiah's new favorite role is Mommy.

Among her children are Dia Baby, Gram Baby, Mommy Baby and Daddy Baby - the biggest trouble-maker of them all.  While the other three dutifully close our eyes and accept the fact that we're not hungry when Micaiah Mommy declares it to be so, Daddy Baby happily plays the role of the strong-willed son who announces he is not, in fact, tired and most definitely wants breakfast.  And then, the clincher.  He left the room - without permission! 

Therefore, it was not a surprise when he was the first with a spanking and a time-out. 

Apparently, though, the ability to punish sent one little two-year-old on a power trip and Mommy Baby was the next victim.  Thus, she approached me with a wickedly evil grin that proudly declared, "Best day, ever!" and reared back for the slap on the leg and demanded I join Daddy Baby for time-out - which apparently takes place on the comfortable king bed in our room.  Who am I to argue with that?

When not keeping the ranks in line, however, Micaiah Mommy can be very sweet to her children, providing them meals cooked with love, blankets to keep warm and pillows for our heads.  She is so thoughtful it makes a Mommy Baby proud.

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  1. I loved it when she came out of the "time out room" and told Dia Baby and me, ("Gram Baby")  quite emphatically that we didn't get time out or spankings. Whew! I'm glad I was a good kid. I'm not sure we showed as much appreciation as we should have.

    She had a very effective way of making sure my eyes closed. If I didn't close them fast enough the little finger pointing at my eye and getting closer and closer was effective in encouraging obedience.  She is Strict!! :-D